1. A) Identification of Disciplinary Acts and Punishments:


Students taken before the disciplinary committee due to improper behavior and negligence of school rules and regulations may be given one of the punishments below in accordance with the discipline clauses explained in Articles B, C, D and E:


  1. Forewarning Notice
  2. Notification of Violation
  3. Provisional Suspension
  4. Indefinite suspension


In case of Forewarning Notice and Notification of Violation, the student is warned about the violation he has committed and is strictly advised not to repeat such behavior.

In case of Provisional Suspension, the student is suspended from the school, classes, and dormitory for a limited period of time.

In case of Indefinite Suspension, the student is expelled from the school. He will be demanded to leave the school compound immediately. He will be given three days to vacate the dormitory if the student is boarding.

In all instances, the student will be given a copy of the punishment paper. The original document will be displayed on the school’s notice board for one week and then will be submitted to the Discipline File.

In cases of Suspension and Indefinite suspension the parent / guardian of the student shall be contacted and informed promptly by phone or letter


  1. B) Acts Determining Forewarning Notice:


  1. Creating disturbance by talking loudly.
  2. Replacing or misplacing school effects.
  3. Damaging school effects on purpose.
  4. Threatening fellow students.
  5. Damaging another student’s property
  6. Implicating students in a crime defined by law or by this constitution
  7. Attending school with improper uniform, haircut, or shave
  8. Using other people’s items without permission from the owner.
  9. To carry more than ten thousand shillings within school premises.
  10. Not reporting to school for one day without any valid excuse at start of the term


  1. C) Acts Determining Notification of Violation:


  1. Lying, cheating classmates and teachers.
  2. Cheating in an examination.
  3. Disobeying etiquette, using slang, making inappropriate jokes
  4. Habitual tardiness without any valid excuse
  5. Quarrelling with, disobeying or insulting the school staff, students etc.
  6. Writing indecent graffiti or drawing indecent pictures on any place within the school premises
  7. Tearing or changing the places of the circulars on the School Notice Board
  8. Entering prohibited places in the school without permission, i.e. Staff Room, stores, administration offices, staff washrooms
  9. Causing serious damage to school effects and other people’s belongings
  10. Continuous Speaking of a language other than English in classes.
  11. Being given a second Forewarning Notice.
  12. Creating continues disturbance in the class.
  13. As 11 above for two or more days without any valid excuse at start of the term.
  14. Not attending classes without an excuse.
  15. Being caught with any of the following; USB-Memory, USB – Card, MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, and Earphone.
  16. School points getting below 75 points in a term.



  1. D) Acts Determining Provisional Suspension:


  1. Holding any sort of meeting, party, etc. within or outside the school premises using the school’s name without administrative permission.
  2. Committing provocative oral and/or written attitudes against the school staff.
  3. Removing school effects without administrative permission.
  4. Making political, racial, sectarian, religious, social propaganda, suspending pictures, papers or documents related to such propaganda, spreading publications or symbols of an ideology, writing ideological graffiti within the school premises.
  5. Bringing illicit publications to the school & dormitory and /or spreading them to students.
  6. Uttering verbal or written statements to demean the school constitution, tradition, etc.
  7. Fighting and causing damage to person or property.
  8. Being given a second notification of violation.
  9. To be caught with a cell-phone, charger, or Modem (Note: in this case the items shall not be returned.
  10. Leaving the school compound without administration’s permission.
  11. Smoking.
  12. School points getting below 50 points in a term.


  1. E) Acts Determining Indefinite Suspension:
  2. Committing theft.
  3. Committing immoral, indecent and/or inappropriate behavior within or outside the school premises.
  4. Committing crimes determined by civil or criminal law such as wounding, forgery, corruption, bribery, abusive beliefs etc.

and/or being condemned because of such crimes.

  1. Threatening staff members, committing acts of aggression and/or insisting on such behavior.
  2. Implicating classmates in a boycott against the School Staff, Administration, or the school system.
  3. Indulging in deviant affairs, using drugs, or drinking alcohol.
  4. Despising the National Flag, National Anthem, or national values.
  5. Displaying unacceptable moral conduct.
  6. Getting married.
  7. Absence with no valid excuse for 20 school days in a single academic year.
  8. Being given a second Provisional Suspension.


  1. F) Overriding Rules:
  2. Committing any of the above-mentioned behaviors outside the school while in school uniform will be treated equally.
  3. Students must be dressed in the school uniform in the school compound during class hours or school activities and out

of the school compound when they are given responsibility to represent the school at functions like debates,

competitions, etc.

  1. A student shall be allowed to continue in school only on the condition that s/he will abide by the rules and regulations of

the school. Any infringement of rules and regulations will make a student liable for indefinite suspension and the school

fees paid so far shall not be refunded upon such indefinite suspension.

  1. The duration of suspension is determined through discussion in the Discipline Committee.
  2. The background of a student or the particular decision of the Discipline Committee/Administration may be effective in

conducting/altering a punishment.

  1. The rules and regulations mentioned above are subjected to change by the Discipline Committee without prior notice.
  2. Any disciplinary act not mentioned above will be treated after discussion and resolution of the Discipline Committee.




The rules and regulations mentioned above are subjected to change by the Disciplinary Committee without prior notice.


Any disciplinary act not mentioned will be dealt with after discussion and resolution of the Disciplinary Committee.


The parents and the students commit themselves through registration to abide by the constitutions and policies of the school and agree to admit any resulting liability.