Welcome to Shamsiye Boys’ Secondary & High School

SHAMSIYE BOYS’ SECONDARY & HIGH SCHOOL is a privately owned institution established in 2013 by Kamer Foundation at Mbweni in Dar es Salaam to cater for the Secondary to A level. It handles students between Form 1 to Form 6. SHAMSIYE BOYS’ seeks to recruit students from different parts of Tanzania and is therefore keen to promote ethnic diversity.

SHAMSIYE BOYS’ is accredited to provide the NECTA Examinations and follows the Tanzania Institute of Education (CIE) curriculum. O-LEVEL leavers are assessed using the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) examinations, and A-LEVEL leavers take the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE) examinations.

Classes are limited in size because we aim to ensure that each student has enough individual attention to do as well as he is able to interact with fellow students. Teachers are supported by modern and well equipped materials.

Children are encouraged to work hard, to do their best at whatever they undertake, and to behave in a way that shows respect to everyone else in the school community.


Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Teachers

Teachers should set high expectations and create an environment, which fosters an enthusiasm for learning and success.

Teachers undergo professional development training to provide exposure and understanding of the expected curriculum standards and contemporary practices.

They are imaginative, very creative and highly motivated professionals who cherish adding value to children’s quest for knowledge.

Our staff are carefully selected and recruited from different aspects in order to be able to share experiences from a broad spectrum.