Dear Parents;

    Welcome to Shamsiye Boys Secondary & High School.
    As it is an honor for any headmaster to be responsible for educating a young person, let me thank everyone who gave me this opportunity to be a member of Shamsiye family.

    Our School Motto is access to success which is on the following pillars.

    •  Good manners
    •  Knowledge (secular and religious)
    •  Discipline

    They represent our aspirations for each and everyone of our student and staff.
    Parents choose our school because we select our students to promote positive behavior for the pursuit of excellence in every child. As a result, our students feel very secure and supported in their individual and academic development. This encourages their personal motivation and self-confidence to become the best they can be.

    The high expectation of all staff and governors, close monitoring of individual student’s progress and the wholehearted support from the parents, all play a key role to become a successful school in Tanzania.

    We are extremely proud of our school and warmly invite you to share our experience by becoming part of our community. I believe that it's one of the best investments you can make for your child’s future.