Our Guiding Statements

“Access to Success”

We strive to be the door to success in the real meaning of the term. A success for all stakeholders, parents, students, teachers, and all members of Shamsiye community.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

To develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive and innovative, with a broad worldview and respect for human values.

To develop individuals qualified to compete in international arenas and who could successfully represent Tanzania.

To develop a generation with knowledge of Mathematical thinking, Science and Technology who can adapt to the requirements of global marketplace.

To develop a generation that proudly love the Nation and its cultural values that constitute their origin.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

To offer a quality education with holistic approach of nurturing and educating children to moral, religious, physical, and educational well-being irrespective of race or background.

Our aspiration is to create a school environment that nurtures holistic learning. The staff’s inspirational and compassionate demeanor, combined with a diverse and challenging curriculum, not only fosters critical thinking but also lays the foundations for academic excellence. Alongside a range of extracurricular activities that enable students to refine their individual talents, comprehensive student welfare programs and strong parental bonds contribute to character development and the realization of their full potential.

Our Core Values

Empathy and Compassion

We emphasize understanding and kindness towards others, promoting a culture of empathy and compassion within our school community. 

Responsibility and Accountability

We encourage students to take ownership of their actions and choices, promoting a sense of responsibility and accountability for their learning and behavior. 

Collaboration and Teamwork:

We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, preparing students for a world were working together leads to greater success and innovation. 

Creativity and Innovation

We nurture creativity and innovative thinking, inspiring students to explore new ideas, think outside the box, and approach problems with fresh perspectives. 

Honesty and Integrity

We uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity, guiding students to make ethical choices and demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their lives. 

Critical Thinking

We prioritize critical thinking skills, empowering students to analyze information, evaluate arguments, and make informed decisions.

Resilient Mindset

We foster a resilient mindset, showing students that setbacks are opportunities for growth and that challenges can lead to increased strength and character. 

Healthy Lifestyle

We prioritize a healthy lifestyle, educating students about the importance of physical activity, nutrition, and mental well-being.

Non-Discrimination Policy

At Shamsiye Schools, we are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students. We firmly believe in promoting diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for every individual, irrespective of their race, background, or any other discriminatory factor. Our non-discrimination policy stands strong in our commitment to fostering a culture of respect, understanding, and acceptance. We strive to create an atmosphere where every student feels valued, celebrated, and empowered to reach their full potential. At Shamsiye, we firmly believe that access to success should be a right for all, and we are proud to open doors to a brighter future for every student. Join us on this journey of inclusive education and limitless possibilities.