How to Apply

Admission Policy

Admission to Shamsiye is open to everyone. The below procedures are observed in admitting a new student.

1. Application Process

It’s usually announced through various media outlets. Interested students and parents can obtain application forms and prospectuses during this period.


2. Eligibility Criteria

At our school we set specific eligibility criteria for admission. This may include age requirements, academic performance, and conduct.


3. Entrance Examinations

Entrance examination is conducted to measure the students’ knowledge and abilities in subjects relevant to the school’s curriculum.


4. Oral Interviews

Students who passes the Entrance Exams may be called for oral interviews. This is to evaluate students’ motivation, character, and compatibility with the school’s values and mission.


5. Documentation

To complete the application process, students typically need to submit copies of their birth certificates, academic transcripts, and any other document that may be requested by the school.


6. Selection Process

Shamsiye selection process is based on NECTA results, entrance exam results (if applicable), interviews, conduct, and readiness to adhere to the school values.


7. Admission Fees

School charges admission fees to cover administrative costs to admitted students. However, these fees should be reasonable and in line with government guidelines.


8. Waiting Lists

If the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces, some schools may maintain waiting lists. Students on the waiting list may be admitted if spaces become available.


Admission Inquiry


How to Pay School Fees