About Our School


Shamsiye Boys Secondary School is a private school established by Kamer Foundation in 2013. It provides education from Form 1 to Form 6 in Mbweni, Dar es Salaam. Shamsiye actively seeks to enroll students from various regions of Tanzania, demonstrating a strong commitment to promoting ethnic diversity.

Accredited to administer the NECTA Examinations, the school adheres to the curriculum set forth by the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE). Students completing their O-LEVEL studies undergo assessment through the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) examinations, while A-LEVEL graduates undertake the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE) examinations.

Shamsiye echoes an umbrella, signifying our belief in the necessity of educating the “whole child” by addressing the three main aspects of a human being, the intellect, the spiritual, and the body. Thus, we places a great emphasis in upbringing intelligent students with exalted virtues motivated and energetic enough to excel in their endeavors for the betterment of all members of their community.

Our holistic approach to education is symbolized in our logo. The three color umbrella shape of the logo reminds us to treat students as a whole, where the blue stands for mind and intellectual aspects, green is for the sensitive spiritual side and black reminds us of the humbleness and importance of keeping our body healthy.

In order to ensure each student receives ample individual attention and can engage with peers, class sizes are deliberately kept small. Teachers are provided with contemporary, well-equipped resources to support their teaching methodologies.

Bussury Omary

Bussury Omary




What Parents are Saying

“Shamsiye High School has been a blessing for our family. We’re impressed by the caring teachers, engaging curriculum, and emphasis on student well-being. It’s truly a place where our child thrives academically and personally.”

Mr. Hemed Msangi

“As a parent, I’m incredibly impressed with Shamsiye Secondary. The school’s focus on individualized attention, passionate teachers, and a supportive community . It’s reassuring to see the commitment to holistic education and character development.”

Mr. Zaharan Swai

Shamsiye School exceeded our expectations. Dedicated teachers, engaging curriculum, and a focus on well-being have positively impacted our child’s growth. Grateful for choosing Shamsiye—a place where success is accessible for every student.

Mr. Albert Simon